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7:00pm PST Tuesday, July 23 2024

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David Benzhawel

Jan 15, 2024
Date: Monday, June 3rd at 3PM Pacific David Benzhawel, was ordained an old catholic priest 42 yrs ago & pastored full time 3 UFMCC churches, has a licentiate degree in Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Theology & taught reiki/energy work online at…

Adam Black

Jan 15, 2024
Date: Wednesday, April 17 at 4pm PST Adam Black, an Initiate of the Unnamed Path, is a fervent practitioner of Folk Magic and Trad Craft. His dedication to the spiritual journey runs deep as he explores the intricate tapestry of gay male mysteries. Adam is…

Sawyer Massie

Jan 09, 2024
Date: Thursday, March 21 at 5pm PST Sawyer Massie Sawyer is an initiate and teacher of Unnamed Path, a spiritual tradition for Men Who Love Men. His foundation is gay / queer spirituality and ecstatic animism. A warlock and folk magician, he is also a…

Wil Fisher

Nov 16, 2023
Thursday November 16th at 2PM Wil Fisher is the host of the podcast Queerly Beloved and founder of Willfully Living. As a San Diego based spiritual life coach and retreat leader, Wil is dedicated to helping GBTQ men live lives of authenticity, freedom and…

Daimon Dartmoor

Oct 12, 2023
Daimon Dartmoor
 October 12th at 2PM PST Daimon Dartmoor He was born in London, England and the family emigrated to New Zealand when Daimon was three years old. He is based in Auckland where he helps to offer the Daily Gay Community Meal. This community serves as a hub for…

David Vincent Monticalvo

Aug 28, 2023
David Vincent Monticalvo
 David began to celebrate his gayness in my mid-30s, after experiencing an unplanned period of transition. During this beautiful yet challenging (read: very difficult!) time, he discovered the teachings of New Thought, which empowered me to view my journey as…

Don Shewey

Aug 10, 2023
Don Shewey
Don Shewey is a writer, therapist, and pleasure activist in New York City. As a journalist and critic, he has published three books about theater and written hundreds of articles for the New York Times, the Village Voice, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and other…

Toby Johnson

Jun 19, 2023
Toby Johnson03
Toby Johnson is a gay writer, literary editor, book designer, and former bookseller who has made significant contributions to LGBTQ+ literature. He is best known for his work in the fields of spirituality and gay consciousness, exploring the intersection of…

Jay Cusker

Feb 14, 2023
Through F&S Jay became involved in the drum circles and started the exploration of altered states of consciousness through shamanic journey work. Jay has served as a therapist with diverse populations and settings, community health, and as a school counselor…

William Glenn

Jun 22, 2022
William Glenn
William Glenn is a long-time community leader in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is past president of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and was executive director of Continuum. A psychotherapist for 35 years, Glenn convened Spirit Group for several years, an…

Exploring the Queer Prophet - Dr. Kirk Prine

May 09, 2022
kirk prophet
Dr. Kirk Prine will share ideas, concepts, role models and his own experiences of beig prophetic as a queer man. In this call Kirk will muse about the archetype of the Queer Prophet. What does it mean to be a Queer Prophet in our modern era? Drake Bear…

Allen Silver: Man of Use

Dec 07, 2021
Allen Silver
Allen Silver shares experiences, lessons and methodology from over 18+ years working as a Sacred Intimate around the world. Through play, vulnerability and trusting the moment he has helped hundreds of men to heal, to grow, to face fears and to experience…

Exploring the Queer Elder/Gatekeeper - Dr. Kirk Prine

Nov 13, 2021
kirk prine
Dr. Kirk Prine will explore the archetype of the queer elder as an ecstatic gatekeeper. Elders in the queer community know they belong. From that knowing that they belong, they teach, mentor, guide with their wisdom, rituals and connection to spirit, the…

Nicolas Reveles

Sep 08, 2021
Nicolas Reveles01
Nicolas Reveles Nicolas Reveles is best known as a pianist, composer, opera coach and lecturer. He recently received certification as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker and has established a studio for his practice in San Diego, California. A…

Exploring the Mystic - Dr. Kirk Prine

Jul 24, 2021
kirk flag
Dr.Kirk Prine Kirk Prine believes we are all called to be mystics in the queer tribe. He will share his personal story as well as the stories of queer mystics throughout history.

Drake Bear Stephen

Apr 27, 2021
Drake Bear Stephen BA, CHT, RMT, CSPis a Certified Hypnotherapist and Somatic Healer, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Teaching Reiki Master. Recently retired from a 37 year career in telecommunications, he now has a full time private practice as…

Reverend Daniel Simons

Apr 06, 2021
daniel simons
Daniel’s spiritual orientation and practice has been influenced by extended contact with Buddhist, Jewish, and Muslim spiritual communities and teaching. His spiritual grounding is also shaped by regular immersion in unbuilt environments in Nature. For the…

Javier Galitó-Cava

Feb 24, 2021
galito cava1
Javier Galitó-Cava is the Artistic Director of Meisner Technique Program Spain (meisner.es), an Acting Conservatory he founded after receiving his acting education at A.C.T (American Conservatory Theatre) and Rachael Adler Studio in San Francisco. His acting…

Brendan Deocariza-Nee

Jan 15, 2021
Brendan Deocariza Nee w Husband
Brendan Deocariza-Nee is a postulant for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church—a fancy way of saying that he’s preparing to be a priest. A survivor of conversion therapy and childhood abuse, Brendan’s spiritual work centers on healing religious trauma and…

Roy Grant

Nov 09, 2020
roy grant 800
Roy Grant is a certified life coach (ICF, ACC), registered nurse (BSN), reiki master, and self-help author. As a result of sexual abuse and intense bullying for being gay as a child, Roy turned toward self-help books and meditation at a young age and soon…

Gregg Cassin: October 5th

Aug 18, 2020
gregg cassin 600
Gregg Cassin tested positive in the mid-80’s and like many others was told “There’s nothing I can do for you”. Today, a 34 year survivor of HIV, Gregg has been leading retreats and workshops for the HIV, LGBT and queer youth communities for 30+ years. In the…

Rev. Trent J. Thornley: Sept. 18th

Aug 16, 2020
trent thorney 600
The Rev. Trent J. Thornley, J.D. is the Executive Director and CPE Director at San Francisco Night Ministry. He is an ACPE Associate Certified Educator, which certifies him to lead accredited spiritual care training programs. Trent is an ordained minister in…

Brock Ford: August 9th

Aug 09, 2020
brock ford
Brock Ford has overcome the hurt and abuse of his family to go on to spread a message of Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Forgiveness and Understanding. He is a Minister in Science of Mind/Religious Science. Today he travels the Bay Area, assuring people of all…

Jim Mitulski: June 29th

Jun 29, 2020
Jim Mitulski
The Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski is the interim pastor of Island United Church UCC in Foster City, CA. For the past forty years he has been the spiritual community organizer as a pastor of both queer and non-queer spiritual communities around the country…

Christopher Love: June 2nd

Jun 02, 2020
christopher love
For over 25 years Christopher's private counseling practice has supported others to heal. His greatest passion is helping people to open their minds and hearts through compassionate self-inquiry. In 1985 he spent four years as a participant and group leader…

JoJo Bear: May 16th

May 16, 2020
Jojo Bear
Jojo DeRodrigo is a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach.He helps men create a sex positive relationship with themselves and others. He believes that our bodies holds onto more information than our heads...

Ken Schneck

Nov 08, 2019
Ken Schneck
Ken Schneck is an author, professor, radio host, and rabble rouser. His travelogue, "Seriously, What Am I Doing Here?: The Adventures of a Wondering and Wandering Gay Jew" was published in 2017, "LGBTQ Cleveland" was released in 2018, "LGBTQ Columbus" hit…

Finn Deerhart

Sep 19, 2019
finn deerhart
Finn Deerhart I was born into a strict, Southern, religious home as a minister’s son. I also became a minister when I was 19 years old. I had a mission, but a message that was not my own. It took me many years to come out of the closet as a gay man, and even…

Ali Mushtaq

Jul 29, 2019
Ali Mushtaq
August 16th 5PM (PST) Ali Mushtaq is a medical sociologist and is Mr. Long Beach Leather 2016. He is a founding member and former Vice President of ONYX South West, a non-profit that caters to people of color, and as such, he has helped raise money for…

Dr. Kirk Prine

Jul 26, 2019
 July 26th 5PM (PST)Dr. Kirk Prineis a Body Story Life Coach, integrative bodyworker, Reiki Master, Ritual Master, former psychotherapist, primary facilitator of Flesh & Spirit Community and co-founder of The Missing Thread Mystery School. He is also the…

Sister Merry Peter

Feb 06, 2017
merry peter
Now Available! Recorded March 6th 5PM (PST) Join Sister Merry Peter for A NEW VISION for the Queer Tribefound her vocation through the Radical Faeries in 1987, and served as a missionary in Toronto before moving to San Francisco in 1999. Her life-long…

Drake Bear Stephen

Jan 23, 2017
January 23rd 5PM (PST) Join Drake for A NEW VISION for the Queer TribeTwo-Spirit - Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher. Author of Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender and Sexuality

Nick Venegoni

Oct 10, 2016
Raymond L. Rigoglioso
Nick Venegoni MFT is a seeker and student of healing wisdom He has always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and his relationship to it. ..

H.R. Bremner

Jun 13, 2016
H.R. Bremner
H.R. Bremner believes that our sexual creative energy is at the core of how we express ourselves every day. It takes courage to look in the mirror and know that we are the experts of our own lives.

Doug Graham

Mar 14, 2016
Doug Graham
Having had a life long career as a singer/dancer/actor, Doug’s story of overcoming the odds from being at death’s door to nine months later winning the Silver Medal at the Gay Games in Chicago has been an...

Tom Bianchi

Feb 22, 2016
tom bianchi
His twenty books of photographs, poems, and essays primarily cover the gay male experience in a variety of contexts – from aesthetic philosophy – IN DEFENSE OF BEAUTY - to poetry to erotic photography. 

Raymond L. Rigoglioso

Jan 19, 2016
Raymond L. Rigoglioso
Raymond L. Rigoglioso is the author of Gay Men and The New Way Forward and founder of Gay Men of Wisdom 

Franklin Abbott

Jan 15, 2015
Franklin Abbott is an original radical faerie and early contributor to the Gay Spirit movement. 

Dan Choi

Nov 20, 2014
Dan Choi is a thought Leader in our community who has been an activist, soldier and educator.

John Ravenmoon

Sep 04, 2014
is a modern day mystic, walking in balance between the paths of the shaman and the sacred intimate.

Ramzi Fawaz

Aug 21, 2014
Ramzi FawazSq
is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a speciality in Queer Theory/LGBT..

Rev. Robert Shively

Jun 24, 2014
is Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco.

Christian de la Huerta

May 01, 2014
Facilitator of personal transformation and author of “Coming Out Spiritually”

Andrew Ramer

Jun 06, 2013
is the author of Two Flutes Playing, Elder to Gay Spirit Visions in North Carolina and guest teacher to Flesh & Spirit Community.

Drake Bear Stephen

Apr 30, 2013
Two-Spirit - Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher

John Ballew

Apr 25, 2013
Professional Counselor, Gay Spirituality Workshop Facilitator and Writer.

Rabbi David Bauer

Mar 28, 2013
founder and coordinator of “The Jewish Queer Sexual Ethics Project". Pastoral counselor, ritual leader, community leader, scholar, artist, and writer.

Rev. Dr. Jim Mitulski

Mar 14, 2013
Jim Mitulski
Pastor of New Spirit Community Church and Faculty at Pacific School of Religion.

Hunter Flournoy

Mar 12, 2013
hunter flournoy
is a teacher in the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz, a shamanic healer in the lineage of Rebecca Crystal, and a pastor for Amigos de Dios...

Jim Berenholtz

Mar 07, 2013
Jim Berenholtz
Composer, Artist, Ethnomusicologist and Dancer.

Jerry Buie

Feb 26, 2013
Jerry Buie
Therapist, Social Advocate and Facilitator of Queer Spirit.