Our Latest Call JoJo Bear:

The Queer Tribe calls will connect you with queer healers and change agents exploring ways to step up and step out.

We  seek to answer, "who are we?",  "what's next?" and "what are we doing here as a Queer Tribe?"


 Longing for Queer Community? Let's make it happen here!


Thought leaders, elders, shamans, healers, spiritual teachers, queer change agents and queer community builders will seed a juicy conversation about "who we are", what our roles and contributions might be in the world, and some visions for a queer people making a difference. This interview series comes from the perspective of men who love men (gay, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit). 



Our Queer Tribe has something to offer that’s unique in bringing healing to the world.

Let’s engage in a conversation to change the world.