Ali Mushtaq





AliMushtaq 3August 16th, 2019

Ali Mushtaq is a medical sociologist and is Mr. Long Beach Leather 2016. He is a founding member and former Vice President of ONYX South West, a non-profit that caters to people of color, and as such, he has helped raise money for multiple charities. Ali also creates leather workshops that serve as an introduction to the leather and kink community for college students and nonprofits, such as the OC Gay Men’s Health Conference and the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Conference, and was a Keynote Speaker for Leather Reign in Seattle.

Professionally Ali is a lecturer of sociology and teaches courses in social theory, medical sociology, gender, sexuality, research methods, and introductory sociology courses. He's also authored and coauthored a series of peer-reviewed papers on sexuality, identity, and political action.

Currently, he working on two book projects: one focusing on Black Women AIDS Activism as well as a memoir project. In addition, Ali has written for LGBTQ Nation and Instinct Magazine.

He has been featured in various publications, such as the New York Times, LA Times, LA Weekly, Fusion, UnicornBooty, Gay Star News, GED Magazine, Instinct, Queerty, Fight Magazine, and Playbear. In addition, he has appeared on KFI AM640's radio show and a fullscreen documentary to promote leather, Muslims, and BDSM.