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Dr. Kirk Prine will explore the archetype of the queer elder as an ecstatic gatekeeper. Elders in the queer community know they belong.

From that knowing that they belong, they teach, mentor, guide with their wisdom, rituals and connection to spirit, the ancestors, the earth and their queer bodies about mature love.

Dr. Kirk Prine brings unique gifts, skills and experience to being a Body Story Life Coach, healer and queer activist.

Rich in awakenings, Kirk's own story as a sexual abuse survivor and thriver allowed him to develop extraordinary gifts of listening and seeing beyond what is apparent.

Mystical experiences and learning in the Behavioral Sciences have grounded Kirk as a healer in "Flesh and Spirit Community"and  "The Missing Thread Mystery School", which teaches the wisdom to set you free resides in the body.

Kirk's 5 years in Seminary/Bible College Training and 7 years in graduate studies taught him to ask questions about holistic healing that few people were willing to ask. Exploring across spiritual traditions and gathering the best scientific understandings of how healing takes place has been Kirk's purpose and passion.

This was demonstrated significantly during Kirk's 17 year practice as a psychotherapist where he constantly faced hundreds of clients and friends with AIDS. By exploring the question of why 3-10% of people never die from a life-threatening disease enabled Kirk to weave together a methodology of healing and success that applies to anyone who is challenged in their expression of health,wealth,relationships and/or purpose.

By listening to the body Kirk healed himself of the "stories" that held him back. In addition, his training as a Certified Massage Therapist, Traditional Reiki Master and Ritualist has added to the skill set he blends with Donny to bring liberation to their clients.


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