Jerry Buie


jerry buie

Jerry Buie obtained his BS at Brigham Young University in 1992 and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah in 1994. Jerry has been an active therapist and social advocate for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Mental Health since his graduation. In 1999 he started Pride Counseling, a private practice working primarily with Gays and Lesbians providing a safe place to seek competent mental health services.

Jerry has also been active on several spiritual fronts as well. In 1996 he met a Native American gentleman who began teaching him regarding Native American Spirituality, ritual and ceremony. He was taught about how this way of life can profoundly transform one’s life. Through the teachings of various Native American Elders from several plains tribes Jerry has had a unique opportunity to learn cross-cultural understandings and to bring these concepts to the lives and processes he has been engaged. Jerry has had the unique privilege of traveling to Peru and learning about Incan ceremony and traditions, playing with Radical Faeries in Tennessee and Oregon, and otherwise having a broad experience in working with the energies and ancestors of many lands and traditions. Honoring the sacred sensuality and medicine of our queer heritage is a daily priority in his practice and private life. He sees himself as learning and honoring the path of the “two spirited”, “third gendered”, and “walks between worlds”.

Jerry has served on several boards including the Utah AIDS Foundation, Naraya Cultural Preservation Council (Serving the Native American Community) and the National Gay Men’s Health movement. Jerry is aware of the various issues at play on many levels in the lives of gay men and knows how to actively facilitate a process that will provoke interpersonal motivation, growth and change.