Adam Black


Date: Wednesday, April 17 at 4pm PST


Adam Black,

an Initiate of the Unnamed Path, is a fervent practitioner of Folk Magic and Trad Craft. His dedication to the spiritual journey runs deep as he explores the intricate tapestry of gay male mysteries. Adam is on a mission to guide and empower the LGBTQ+ community, aiding them in reconnecting with forgotten mythos and tapping into latent magic.

Specializing in SpiritWalking and the reclamation of personal power, Adam serves as a catalyst for transformative experiences. His unique approach helps individuals rediscover their innate spiritual potential. Adam actively establishes connections with Queer/Gay traditions worldwide, contributing to a network of support and shared wisdom.

Beyond his mystical pursuits, Adam brings a wealth of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Traditional Medicine. His expertise spans holistic practices in Herbology, Medical Intuition, and various energy healing modalities. Currently contributing to the nonprofit medical sector, Adam's journey includes significant contributions to the nonprofit animal rescue field in earlier years.

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