Brendan Deocariza-NeeBrendan Deocariza-Nee is a postulant for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church—a fancy way of saying that he’s preparing to be a priest. A survivor of conversion therapy and childhood abuse, Brendan’s spiritual work centers on healing religious trauma and helping LGBTQ+ folks come home to themselves. He serves as Lay Pastoral Associate at The Vine—an emerging faith community within Grace Cathedral, San Francisco—and is a speaker and facilitator on topics of queer and transgender theology, transformative justice, antiracism, and innovative ministry. Brendan holds a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego and will embark on a Master of Divinity in Fall 2021.




Brendan Deocariza-Nee
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Pronouns: he/him or they/them (what's this?)