Brock Ford: August 9th



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Conversation with Brock Ford


Date: August 9th- 5PM PST

As a young man growing up in Memphis, TN Brock Ford enjoyed strong ties to his family. But when he came out at the age of 22, Brock’s life and family relationships were shattered. Brock’s Uncle and his Grandfather—a southern Baptist Minister—violently assaulted him, demanding that he leave town. His family declared they would rather see Brock dead than live in disgrace. Only Brock’s older sister and mother refused to disown and disavow him. Brock fled to Dallas, TX to begin a new life, his family ties severed forever.

In Dallas, Brock focused on his career with The Dallas Morning Newspaper as he began building a new life and making a new family. Although he was excited about the possibilities ahead, Brock always hoped that his family would find a way to love and accept him. Eight years later, Brock accepted a job in Bakersfield, CA and ultimately moved to San Francisco in 1996, becoming Associate Publisher of (LGBTQ publication) Frontiers Newsmagazine. In 2005 Brock made a dramatic career switch, becoming a successful Realtor and Trainer. Love, romance, friendship and heartache all flowed into Brock’s life over time; however, Brock’s family continued to condemn him.

Throughout those years in Dallas and San Francisco, Brock had a growing sense of awareness that there are others just like him: homosexuals, people of color, and most especially people that had been ousted, hurt and abused by their family. Brock’s burgeoning awareness of these disenfranchised peoples was becoming a calling.

Then, in 2018 the most important person in Brock’s world, his older sister, died suddenly. A few short months later his mother died. When Brock returned to TN to bury the only family members who had shown him love, he was met with the same threats, animosity and condemnation his family had heaped upon him over 30 years ago.

Grief stricken, Brock returned to San Francisco. He quit his job, isolated himself and fell into deep depression. And yet, in the depths of that despair Brock had a supernatural experience. In a moment of profound spiritual awareness, he was “told” that it was time to make his “calling” a reality. He was told to share his story, help others in similar situations and spread a message of Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Forgiveness and Understanding.

With the support of friends and guidance from a valued mentor, Brock earned a Master’s of Inter Faith Religious Studies degree, and was ordained as a Minister in Science of Mind/Religious Science. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Religious Studies as he travels the Bay Area, assuring people of all races, denominations and orientations that they are deserving and capable of love and happiness; helping families heal and learn alternative ways of communicating and of being together.