Daimon Dartmoor


October 12th at 2PM PST


Daimon DartmoorDaimon Dartmoor

He was born in London, England and the family emigrated to New Zealand when Daimon was three years old. He is based in Auckland where he helps to offer the Daily Gay Community Meal. This community serves as a hub for the TwoEye Brotherhood. Their Path to Awakening supports men who love men to reclaim their pagan or indigenous ancestry as a foundation for spiritual awakening. Daimon has made several pilgrimages to Dartmoor on Devon in the south-west of England, learning that men of our kind were spiritual gatekeepers in the old clans there long ago, as well as in pagan and indigenous tradition worldwide. He identifies as LagasDew Den, meaning TwoEye Man in the Cornish language of south-west England. This means holding both male and female polarities of spirit in a man's body.

Daimon's life work has been to reclaim Kerensapowes. This means The Way of Love and Rest in the Cornish language. Long ago men of our kind would go as an Anam Cara / Soul Companion pair into a cave far from the village. With foodstores to last for weeks or months, the couple would offer the body limitless rest and limitless loving energy. In this way the energetic heart would open and the consciousness be absorbed back into its divine source. The TwoEye Brotherhood offers The Way of Love and Rest in huts and caves outside of Auckland. All members are volunteers and all events are by donation.


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