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January 23rd 5PM (PST)

A NEW VISION for the Queer Tribe
Two-Spirit  - Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher. Author of Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender and Sexuality


Is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher as well as a Reiki Master. He brings a rich and varied background to his spiritual practice including a 37 year career in the corporate world and living as a true Two Spirit. He is a bisexual who has lived in both genders, the first half of his life as a female and the second half as a male. Drake has a B.A. in art therapy, is certified as an energy worker by HCH Institute, has completed the intuitive reading program at Intuitive Way, and is a full mesa carrier. Some of his spiritual adventures include vision quest, prayer walk, medicine wheel training, trips to the Sacred Valley in Peru, and receiving the Rights of Enlightenment directly from the descendants of the spiritual advisers to the Inca. In addition to energy work, he is also an artist with a passion for graphic art. For more information about Drake and his work, go to: