Conversation with Gregg Cassin

Monday October 5th, 11AM (PST)


Gregg Cassin tested positive in the mid-80’s and like many others was told “There’s nothing I can do for you”. Today, a 34 year survivor of HIV, Gregg has been leading retreats and workshops for the HIV, LGBT and queer youth communities for 30+ years. In the darkest days of the epidemic Gregg founded the SF Healing Circle, and the San Francisco Center for Living as well as assisting with the national conference AIDS, Medicine & Miracles. This work honors the scores of friends lost and equally as important those loved ones who remain. "I believe profoundly in the wisdom and healing that comes from our joining together. We grow from the sharing of our personal stories and bearing witness to one another's journeys."

Gregg Cassin, a 34 year survivor of HIV, now at Shanti Project created "Honoring Our Experience", a retreat program addressing the issues of long term survivors of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He also facilitates retreats for LGBTQ young adults and the LGBTQ asylee/refugee community.

Gregg’s work honors the sacred inner journey each one of us is called to as queer people. Exploring the importance of self-love, connection, belonging and innocence. Story-telling remains the foundation of his work, the power of sharing one’s story and being a witness for others.

His contribution to the HIV/AIDS community has been recognized with the Certificate of Special Recognition from the U.S. Congress presented by Nancy Pelosi in 1990 as well as honors from the City of San Francisco. He is seen in the ground-breaking documentaries "Absolutely Positive" and "That's a Family!” His greatest joy is the gift of being a parent and now grandparent to 3 amazing humans.


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