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Conversation with Roy Grant

Monday November 9th 11AM (PST)


Roy Grant is a certified life coach (ICF, ACC), registered nurse (BSN), reiki master, and self-help author. As a result of sexual abuse and intense bullying for being gay as a child, Roy turned toward self-help books and meditation at a young age and soon began writing his own with a desire to help others transform their pain.

He has been facilitating support groups for over 6 years and teaching meditation for over 10. Currently he facilitates the meetup groups The Thoughtful Gay Man Chicago, The Thoughtful Gay Man Milwaukee, Heads Up - You're Precious!! (Chicago), Heads Up - You're Precious!! (San Francisco), and S.H.I.N.E. (Tokyo), all centered around exploring the depths of identity, healing from the past, and stepping into our highest potential.

Roy also founded Turnsol Studios – an independent art creation studio through which he writes young adult and children’s books, as well as meditations for children, all based on the themes of self-empowerment and respect for nature – with a mission to turn children back to their souls rather than their screens, nourish them with messages essential for self-esteem, and remind them of the superpower of their own imagination.

Roy’s personal philosophy is that we all have inherent worth, as there is no greater indication of worth than existence. The supreme sacredness of existence indicates that we all have royal blood, the universe is our kingdom, our power to create is our scepter, and our consciousness is our crown. He also believes that paradise is now, meaning that joy is available to us in any moment, regardless of our circumstances, through the powers of presence, gratitude, honoring nature, and honoring self.

Roy speaks French and Japanese, as well as a little Chinese, Italian, and Icelandic. And though he loves to travel, he is a homebody at heart, preferring peaceful nights by the fire in the company of his two dogs.


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